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Tork Reflex Wiping Paper Blue 1 ply M4 system

Tork Reflex  Wiping Paper Blue 1 ply M4 system
Tork Reflex  Wiping Paper Blue 1 ply M4 system

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Manufacturer: Tork
Model: M473480
Stock: In stock
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Netto: 17.722.- Ft10.678.- Ft / carton
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Brutto price: 22.507.- Ft13.561.- Ft / carton

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The 1-ply multipurpose Tork Reflex™ Wiping Paper is ideal for wiping tasks and hand wiping, due to its strength and high absorption. This paper can be used in the Tork Reflex™ single-sheet centerfeed dispenser, which fits your team’s workflow, cuts down consumption, and minimises the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Single sheet dispensing - reduces consumption by up to 37%.
  • Particularly good for cleaning glass - does not leave any traces on the surface.
  • SmartCore® core removal - for fast and easy refilling.
  • Tork Easy Handling® E-handle makes carrying paper roles effortless for cleaning staff.

A kék szín kimondottan élelmiszeripari területre ajánlott.

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Kiszerelése: 6 tekercs/karton
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