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Tork examining table cloth, 1 ply, 1 carton 2 roll/carton

Manufacturer: Tork
Model: M124164
Stock: The product is not in stock but can be ordered
Delivery time: 5-15 business day
Netto: 9.890.- Ft / carton
Brutto price: 12.560.- Ft / carton
Netto unit price: 4.945,00- Ft / tekercs
Brutto unit price:6.280,15- Ft / tekercs
- + carton

Tork Universal examining table cloth
Length: 185 meters, 462 page
1 ply tissue paper, 58cm wide and 40cm per perforated
Color: white
Is suitable for medicine and cosmetics!
Packing: 2 rolls / carton
Shipping unit: carton

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