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Tork Premium Linstyle Black Cutlery Bag Napkin 360pcs/cart.

Manufacturer: Tork
Model: M477238
Stock: The product is not in stock but can be ordered
Delivery time: 5-15 business day
Netto: 15.136.- Ft / carton
Brutto price: 19.223.- Ft / carton
Netto unit price: 42,04- Ft / db
Brutto unit price:53,40- Ft / db
- + carton

Tork Premium LinStyle® Cutlery Bag Napkins support full-service restaurants, where quality is especially important to impress your guests. Nicely folded to quickly set cutlery in an elegant way, but also use as a napkin. They are noticeably softer and bulkier than standard paper napkins, while being extra absorbent. Avaliable in a wide range of modern and classic colours.

  • The napkin is conveniently pre-folded as a cutlery bag, which saves you valuable time.
  • Save laundry costs by providing premium paper napkins
  • Engage with guests through custom print - 75% of napkin users notice the print


Kiszerelés: 6x60db/karton


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