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Tork Premium compact toilett paper 2 ply. T6 System

Manufacturer: Tork
Model: M127530
Stock: In stock
Delivery time: 1 -3 business day
Netto: 22.322.- Ft / carton
Brutto price: 28.349.- Ft / carton
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Upload for your bathroom with quality!

NEW extender is a compact roll of toilet paper, capacity as a multiple of the average household rolls.
One carton of toilet paper contains: compact high-quality, unique solution, up to 100 meters, 2-ply, 27 pieces toilet paper rolls.
Each of the rolls of paper covered with a hygienic protection, the use of instructions which can be seen.


  • capacity as a multiple of the average household rolls (with an average household rolls of 23 meters long)
  • this allows the storage place of storage is released
  • reduced transport costs
  • are reduced harmful emissions to the environment
  • practical use of time and money manager

packing unit: 27 roll/carton

Dispensers Available:
Tork compact toilet roll dispenser white [557500]
Tork Dispenser Toilet rolls compact black [557508]

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