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Niagara folyékony mosószer 5 liter

Manufacturer: Clean Center
Model: CC-660060
Stock: The product is not in stock but can be ordered
Delivery time: 5-15 business day
Netto: 6.450.- Ft / pcs
Brutto price: 8.192.- Ft / pcs
Netto unit price: 1.290,00- Ft / liter
Brutto unit price:1.638,30- Ft / liter
- + pcs

► detergent base
► protects the color
► protects the fibers
► containing optical brighteners

What can be used for?
Color, black and white-washed textiles, pre-wash, both conventional and automatic washing machines.

What area should be used?
► Food area
► Institutional Area
► office buildings
► laundries
► Household

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