H2 system Interfolded hanwipes

List :
Tork Xpress Soft Multifold Hand Towel H2 System
Netto: 23.610.- Ft
29.985.- Ft

Model: M100288

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Tork Xpress Extra Soft Multifold Hand Towel
Netto: 23.552.- Ft
29.911.- Ft

Model: M100297

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Kéztörlő Tork Xpress  Soft Multifold, 21csomag/krt
Netto: 20.988.- Ft
26.655.- Ft

Model: M120288

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Kéztörlö Tork Multifold Toalettbe dobható 21csom./krt Tork Advan
Netto: 23.426.- Ft
29.751.- Ft

Model: M129089

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Kéztörlö Tork Xpress  Soft Multifold 21csomag/krt ÚJ Tork Advanc
Netto: 20.769.- Ft
26.377.- Ft

Model: M130289

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