M4 rendszer Reflex

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Tork Reflex Wiping Paper 1 ply 300m/roll M4 System (473242)
Netto: 16.991.- Ft
21.579.- Ft

Model: M473242

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Tork 473391 Reflex Plus Wiping Paper Blue 2 Ply M4System
Netto: 17.998.- Ft
22.857.- Ft

Model: M473391

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Tork Reflex Plus Wiping Paper 2 Ply M4 System
Netto: 17.638.- Ft
22.400.- Ft

Model: M473472

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Tork Reflex  Wiping Paper Blue 1 ply M4 system
Netto: 16.833.- Ft
21.378.- Ft

Model: M473480

In Stock 5 carton

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