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Contract Mop (zsebes & füles), 40cm Vileda Professional
Netto: 2.697.- Ft
3.425.- Ft

Model: VIL143195

In Stock 10 pcs

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Combispeed Contract mop 50cm Vileda Professional
Netto: 3.195.- Ft
4.058.- Ft

Model: VIL143199

In Stock 7 pcs

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Trio mop huzat 40cm (zsebes - füles) Vileda professional ( Combi
Netto: 3.405.- Ft
4.324.- Ft

Model: VIL143201

In Stock 3 pcs

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MicroSpeed Plus (zsebes & füles) 40cm  Vileda Professional 10272
Netto: 5.699.- Ft
7.238.- Ft

Model: VIL143215

In Stock 2 pcs

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MicroSpeed Plus mophuzat 50cm (zsebes & füles) Vileda Profession
Netto: 5.057.- Ft
6.422.- Ft

Model: VIL143225

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